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REVIEW: Silver Linings Playbook

REVIEW: Silver Linings Playbook

Losing everything is a tough realization for most people, but losing everything from the inside out is a much harder pill to swallow. Pat Solitano (Bradley Cooper) has destroyed all that he loved mentally and physically as his bipolar disorder becomes more than an elephant, closer to a monster in the room. 

After spending time in a mental facility, he is discharged into the care of his mother (Jacki Weaver). With a new plan for life that includes reading and fitness, Pat returns home in hopes of mending what was broken. Returning to his mother and father (Robert Deniro), Pat must work to accept the reality around him as he builds himself up to “worthy” status for his ex-wife.

During his status rebuilding period he runs across the path of a somewhat broken girl named Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence). Seeing the major issues that Pat is going through, Tiffany decides to grab hold in hopes of mending herself along the way. Together they build a friendship that reaches the next level for crazy people, dance. Promising assistance in reuniting Pat with his ex-wife, Tiffany works to busy his mind and body with dance in hope of growing his soul beyond the past.

This movie is very character driven. Bradley Cooper shows off more than abs in this film as he pulls together a quick-tempered emotional character that is surrounded by contradictions. Jennifer Lawrence and Deniro also work in memorable characters that not only define themselves, but add to Cooper’s creation. It is a great date movie and possibly an Oscar contender.

Grade: B+

Rating: R

Movie Trailer - Silver Linings Playbook

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