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REVIEW: The Wolf Of Wall Street

REVIEW: The Wolf Of Wall Street

When I heard Martin Scorsese’s latest  was 3 hours long, I  cringed . Scorsese tells “Variety”, he cut it down from 4 hours!!  Size doesn’t matter here- this is a movie on speed, whizzing by  and feeling   shorter than most   2 hour films.  It’s classic Scorsese- one of his best in  years.  It’s his 5th film with Leonardo DiCaprio, who is at the top of his game playing  real-life 90’s corrupt trader  Jordan Belfort, who has a cameo at the end of the film.  Jonah Hill is  Oscar worthy as  his partner in crime.

This  is a dizzying  drug and sex-fueled fest. The sleazeballs have no shame.. just an bottomless appetite for more. More money. More sex.  More drugs. The  Quaalude DiCaprio-Hill fight scene  is epic. Some will make you  wince- the dwarf tossing, for one

It’s gorgeous to watch  and never boring. But  in all the 3 hours, we never  get a look at the victims, who were just ordinary  hard-woking  types, not high- rollers.

The dialogue is razor-sharp.  It’s both  appalling and intoxicating at the same time.   Def one of the best of the year.

4 stars


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